Role of the Guardians

a) /|\ Lanon was caretaker Guardian of the Primordial Tradition until formal elections at our Autumn Equinox Assembly 2016.

b) /|\ Adgnatios and /|\ Con ware the support Guardians until our Assembly in 2016.

c) A Duty Guardian and two support Guardians ware elected for 3 years at the Assembly in 2016. The Duty Guardian for 2019 to 2022 and 2022 to 2025 was also elected and Assembly locations for 2019 and 2022 agreeded.

d) The Duty Guardian will work in conjunction with two other Guardians in all matters that may affect the Aims of CDA - the Duty Guardian must call for a teleconference of all three Guardians to discuss and decide the best option.

e) Each of the three Guardians can be contacted by any member that has a topic for discussion or resolution. Each Guardian has authority to invite groups to seek membership of CDA.

f) All three Guardians must agree a solution for the Duty Guardian to share a decision to members. If only two Guardian agree - this is reported to members without naming the Guardian who believes otherwise. This protects the right of each Guardian to express the Truth as he or she sees fit.

g) The Celtic Druid Alliance will have a website. In all matters of Press Release / Online Announcements etc. It is required that all three Guardians must agree the content and that the Duty Guardian is sole spokesperson.

h) If all three Guardians agree that a member is deliberately acting against the Aims of the CDA they may declare so and expel the offender and place a Geis of non-communication.