From Celtic Druid Temple

Ard Drui /|\ Con - CDA Duty Guardian

Con Connor, Ireland

From Collège du Chaudron des Druides

VGD /|\ Lanon - CDA Support Guardian

Denis Guillo, France

From Assembleia da Tradição Lusitana

Arqui Druida /|\ Adgnatios - CDA Support Guardian

Joaquim Pinto, Portugal

From Celtic Druid Temple

Ard Drui /|\ Red John

John Mccormack, Ireland

From Assembleia Druídica Brasiliana

José Paulo Almeida, Brazil

From Assembleia da Tradição Lusitana

Helga Ribeiro, Portugal

From Assembleia Druídica Brasiliana

Roseli Joanna Silva, Brazil

From Collegio Druidico Nazionale

Arqui-Druida /|\ Albubacos, Alessandro Topi,  Italy

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Celtic Druid Alliance Gathering 2019 

Planning has already begun for our next Celtic Druid Gathering in Portugal in 2019. Other Celtic Druid groups that would like to become members and participate in our 2019 CDA Gathering should make contact with CDA groups or a CDA members they know in the displayed list and have a chat.




















A Celtic Druid International Gathering
The 2019 September Equinox weekend will witness a Celtic Druid International Gathering under the initiative of the Celtic Druid Alliance (CDA) at Centro Druídico da Lusitânea, Reguengos, near Évora, in Portugal, hosted by the local Assembleia da Tradição Druídica Lusitana (ATDL).

The CDA considers it is time to work towards the establishment of a framework where we can meet, discuss, rebuild our common Celtic heritage and re-establish amicable reciprocity between our communities. This is a call to serious Celtic Druid groups wishing to participate in this great council. Namely those which, regardless of their own particular characteristics and idiosyncrasy, observe and respect the following:

1) Open and honest approach to genuine native Celtic traditions: Groups with a primary focus on the research, study, teaching and practice of Celtic-only spirituality and heritage, with no mixtures or eclecticism.

2) Non-commercialism: Non-profit groups and organisations exclusively, with no interest in personal or media promotion.

3) Non-racist, non-sexist, non-bigot groups: Groups with a clear and reputable public presence.

4) Against animal cruelty and solidly linked to environmentalism: Groups putting Nature in a central and visible place in their ethics and philosophy.

If you consider that your group or organisation is interested in attending please contact CDA. Note that admittance is not automatic and your attendance will have to be confirmed. A limit to the number of attendants may be imposed due to logistical and organisational reasons.

During all the days of the event, the following resources will be guaranteed, through contribution, by the organization: space to stay overnight (it is necessary to bring a sleeping bag), food, drinks and participation in all activities.

More information at…/contact-us

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