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Celtic Druid Alliance ad it's inaugural gathering from the 23rd-25th of September 2016 at Temple Crom, Co. Roscommon in the Sovereign Republic of Ireland.

A Celtic Community is based on loyalty, family, love and respect for traditional ideas, ideologies, mythology, customs and ritual ceremony. Within this Celtic Community the arts, farming, forestry and spirituality all form ‘activity spheres’ that interact and overlap supporting natural organic growth through dynamic balance. By consciously merging spirituality with our indigenous culture we multiply it and generate new expressions of the ‘ancestral group spirit’ helping others to first find and then secure their own Path.

The Celtic Path to the Primordial Tradition exists with every choice to take another step. As we progress along our Path gaining awareness of the ancestors combined with appreciation and respect for traditional ideas, ideologies, mythology, customs and rituals we can improve or better ourselves and generate positive action within society. Each region / nation has its own unique expressions that must be honoured by all and no attempt to merge them into one new tradition
should be considered. On the contrary, we must celebrate with the people and the traditions of the land we are in at any given time, creating a greater understanding that everyone has their own unique Path and that ultimately we are all from and going to the Source of Uncreated Light.

We are in an age in which many of us are rediscovering the old gods and are reawakening to our heritage and the immense importance of our Celtic Traditions. It is only when we are free that we can see exactly how others are enslaved, how their inner Light is kept dull with the effect that many actually sleep through an entire incarnation. But as and when the glimmer of Light within begins to glow because of choices made with a free mind and a seeker emerges, it is then that the relevance of an indigenous path to the Source has great value. As the seeker progresses along his/her native path, there will be a resonance, a familiarity, a connection to ancestors and guardians of the ancient temples that will feed the spirit. There is great responsibility on the Elders as Guardians to hold high wisdom forged through merging true knowledge with personal experience to enlighten seekers, to be the Light Bearers and guides for those seekers who yearn
for the liberation of their human consciousness. This then is the Primordial Tradition - living life with the wisdom of high awareness, with a strong connection to Nature, to the ancestors and to true time.

The Celtic Druid Alliance Logo









The Celtic Druid Alliance logo is a powerful encoding of high awareness connecting us to the deep thoughts and overarching intentions of the inspiration of the designer. Logos have evolved from the history of flags and banners so that soldiers could rally together on their flag in times of need. All war flags had a blood consecration, an oath taking (while holding the flag) and a declared intention, ie purpose. This was required for group cohesion in the times before uniforms and the soldiers of each flag would rally around it protecting it, their commander, their tribal honour and by their working together their own lives! Flags were and are about being seen in a crowd / war / disaster...

Our logo was created out of deep love for a 'Celtic Family' that is European based but scattered internationally. Our logo is multi-layered and it needs to be because it has multiple messages – it makes us think, it send visual connection outside of words and it confirms an existing and an emerging reality. Unlike commercial logos the CDA logo is composed of so many layers of rich art that it would not enjoy commercial success as it just does not say 'buy me'. Our logo is not an instruction – it is an inspiration!

The CDA logo draws us into its centre piece of the trunk with its two buttress trunks. There are no roots visible as they are the unseen mystery in the realm below. This may be thought of as the long distant past. Two smaller side trunks join with the central trunk supporting enhanced growth for all in this realm of land, i.e. branches of the Celtic Family coming together in the here and now. Enclosing this sacred tree is a wreath of Oak leaves in the upper realm of sky, the leaves generating the seeds of future trees. As we all know the Oak is a very special tree and like all trees it lives in the three realms but its fullest expression is found only in great forests comprising of a huge range of trees. Our Celtic Culture is 'forest based' and as we protect and nurture the forests, the trees protect humanity in all its expressions too.

Around the low part of the centre trunk there is a sickle, traditionally a tool of harvesting. The Moon appears behind the sickle telling us to align cultivation and harvesting to the very visible cycles of Nature. Inside at the upper area there is a whiteness that sits over the main blue of the logo – the higher expression of human kind over mundane existence, hinting to 'rising up' to join the Primordial Tradition.

A shadowy twinning of two spiralling rising energy currents cross over at the centre of the main trunk to become a flame like shape that touches into the whiteness at the top – perhaps implying the Earth creates the energy flow that can bring us to higher appreciation of the Primordial Tradition, when we can comprehend, copy and compliment it.

Wrapped around the twin energy currents and the three trunks of the great tree is Ivy. This plant grows quickly and while it is not a tree it can make a tree look as if its is covered in leaves even in winter. Ivy has flowers that the bees love and Ivy honey is very special. But what is our logo designer showing us when he puts Ivy around the two energies and triple trunks? Was he asking us to notice that some trees with bright green leaves in winter are actually possessed by a ground plant that wants to be a tree – a wannabe tree? Is it about wannabe trees and fake wannabe druids? Or is he just saying that we should use the sickle to protect the harvest - cut the ivy, as well as to use the sickle to harvest -prune for harvest? Perhaps he wants us to see the two energy currents as man and woman, twin complimentary opposites? Maybe all this and more....

The Guardians, council and members of the Celtic Druid Alliance do not perform 'war flag rituals' on or with our logo as that would not be part of our Path. Our three Guardians did publicly speak an Oath out loud but it was not an Oath to our logo – it was to the centre of an international Gathering at Temple Crom at the Celtic Druid Alliance inaugural meeting 2016.

The CDA logo is actually a set of keys to unlock many mysteries of the Path. It can help seekers to find their way to and to help them stay on their way in a noisy confusing world. When we comprehend the wisdom of its creator we can be uplifted as we get our own appreciation / expression. Our logo should protect us from getting lost or getting off the Path, it should also empower members to reject fake guidance, it should remind us all that if we all hold these core ideas within our truth then we do not need a king or queen as we are all sovereign spiritual beings. Lets all keep the inspiration of our logo in our hearts and minds, supporting each other as we walk our Paths enjoying a fresh expression of the Primordial Tradition.

/i\ Con Beltine 2018